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Web Development Gallery

Agilent Home
Flash and Feature Image Creative
content maitanence - 13 languages

Agilent - About Agilent & Newsroom
CSS based implementation
fly-out menus (with javascript patches for I.E.)
global CSS - standards mode
XSSI based sub-navigation content - URL + Language determined content

Media Library
mirrored domain
images for press releases
video streaming for press releases

Agilent - Life Sciences & Chemical Analysis
website design - homepage, product collection, product detail
HTML/CSS construction of homepage, product collection, product detail pages
home - javascript based fly-out menus (I.E., Mozilla, Netscape)
ongoing creative support / feature images
CSS based javascript expand/collapse sections

Dragon Productions
creative for posters/postcards

Legato Weddings
logo design
website design
HTML/CSS construction
ongoing maintanence

Santa Clara Players
creative for posters/postcards

Monsieur Beans (archived site, no longer online)
website design
HTML/CSS construction

Veregy Consulting
website design
HTML/CSS construction
ongoing maintanence

West Valley Middle School
website design
site architecture
HTML/CSS construction
video streaming
ongoing maintanence

Other projects that are not in the public domain:

  • knowledgebase - a database driven intranet site that allows users to upload/download/search for company confidential training materials based on metadata, written in ASP with user login, admin login, web based admin tools
  • robust automation of content from MS Word to HTML & XML for instant publishing
  • creation of a corporate intranet global templates (and guildlines), distributed to 40,000 employees
  • translations - a site devoted to collecting monthly translations from several authors to coordinate the monthly update of a corporate website coordinating several campaign (feature image + caption + link). Developed in Ruby on Rails.
  • Crisis Center - an emergency communications site that is password protected for Japanese Corporate employees to access using Docomo phones. Developed in wordpress + plugins.


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